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Hexham First School


The Governing Board at Hexham First is made up as follows:

Name                        Status                                                    Date of Appt    Term of Office Ends

Fiona Armstrong       Chair / LA Governor                                   22.04.2013          08.01.2020

David Watson            Vice Chair / Community Governor          13.02.2019           13.02.2023

Natalie Harrison       HeadTeacher Governor                              01.09.2018

Kerry Keith                Staff Governor                                               01.10.2018           30.09.2022

Clare Crow                 Community Governor                                  13.02.2019           13.02.2023

Zoe Jones                   Community Governor                                  10.10.2018           09.10.2022

Jemma Baty              Parent Governor                                           14.03.2013            05.02.2021

Alison Cessford         Parent Governor                                           01.05.2014           30.04.2022

Rachel Shepherd      Parent Governor                                           08.05.2018           07.05.2022

Jade Wang                 Parent Governor                                           01.10.2018            30.09.2022

Jessica Barclay-Lambert                                                                  To be confirmed

Linda Papaloannou  Non-Voting Clerk                                         01.04.15


Fiona Armstrong, Chair of Governors

I have been a Governor at Hexham First school for many years now. I first got involved with the governing body as both my children attended the school and as a full time working mum it was my way of giving something back to the school.  A teacher myself I understand how schools work but also what a vital role they play in their local community.  Personally I enjoy walking,going to the theatre and cinema as well as reading.

Fiona is our named governor for Safeguarding including Child Protection.

David Watson

I am an ex-Teacher and Head Teacher now retired. I remain committed to working as part of a team to best provide quality education for all children. I enjoy cycling and the great outdoors as well as spending time with my now extended family.

Natalie Harrison

From position of deputy Head at Hexham first School, I am proud to be the acting Headteacher this year I am committed to providing all our our children with the very best education and school experience.

Jemma Baty

I am a past pupil of this school and still maintain very close ties to it with having one child in attendance. As a University Graduate of Childhood Studies, Guidance and Counselling I have a vested interested in all children’s emotional well being. I am an active member of the P.T.A. I enjoy contributing to the enrichment of the educational experience offered by Hexham First School.

 Alison Cessford

My son is in Year 4 and enjoys every aspect of the school day at Hexham First . I am an advisory teacher for the Emotional Wellbeing and Effective Learning team in County Durham and have a passion for all children to have a healthy, active lifestyle and to attend a school that has a strong inclusive ethos that differentiates and caters for the needs of children as individuals.

Alison is our named SEN Governor.

Clare Crow 

I am the year 2 class teacher and SENCO and have been teaching since 2003. I am a French specialist and have taught from year 2 to Year 6. Prior to teaching I worked In France for Proctor and Gamble.

Jade Wang

One of my children is in reception at Hexham First and the other one will soon be starting in nursery! We chose this school because of the lovely feeling we got when we came for our visit, that every child is cared for and nurtured to meet their full potential. As a parent governor, I am excited to be able to give back to this fantastic place. I am a primary school teacher in Gateshead and the best part about my job is having strong relationships with the children and their families.

Rachel Shepherd

Hello I’m Rachel and I’m the parent of two boys.  My eldest attends Hexham Priory School and my youngest is at Hexham First School.  I also work in the community supporting local families.  I love being part of the school community and I am passionate about ensuring all children have the best possible experience of school and discover and grow into the person that they are meant to be.

Zoe Jones

I have been teaching for over twenty years and am proud to have worked at Hexham First School for ten of those!  I am the Early Years Lead teacher and currently have the fantastic job of teaching Reception Class.  I am Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and have particular interest in developing strong partnerships between the school, parents and the wider community.

Jessica Barclay-Lambert

I work in West Northumberland’s for the Local Authority’s early intervention, prevention and early years service and collaborate with schools, including Hexham First School to support children and families to get the best start. I feel it’s important to be involved with the school for a number of reasons. As a parent and employee in the Locality, I want to support the effective integration and delivery of services to holistically support children to feel safe, secure and happy in their school environment.

Governors regularly visit our school. Their visits are linked to the key areas of the school’s development plan.

Minutes from Full Governing Body Meetings and Committee Meetings are available from the school office, upon request.

Past Governors

Helen Strevens         Parent Governor                                         15.05.2012             14.05.2016 resigned

Rebecca Jackson      Headteacher Governor                              01.09.2015           31.08.18 resigned

Alison Forster           Staff Governor                                            11.02.2015            31.08.18 resigned

Ros Bagnell              Community Governor                                28.09.2016           31.08.18 resigned

Helen Taylor             Parent Governor                                         24.01.2017           31.08.18 resigned

Gail Weatherson      Community Governor                                10.03.2016            resigned

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