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Science is an integral part of the school curriculum. In the Foundation Stage Science is taught as part of the Area of Learning “Understanding of the World” and is approached in a holistic style involving lots of “hands on” activities that place scientific concepts firmly within an everyday context. Children are encouraged to learn to observe objects and events carefully and talk about their findings using accurate descriptive vocabulary. This learning usually takes place in our fabulous outdoor provision.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 Science continues to be taught through the Creative Curriculum. Teachers use the National Curriculum documentation and the ‘Rising Stars’ Science scheme to ensure that children gain an enthusiastic love for Science through involvement in lots of different types of practical work. Children are encouraged to develop skills of scientific enquiry, for example, as they choose and using equipment safely, make observations, take measurements and draw conclusions about evidence.

At Hexham First we work hard to make Science ‘real’. This approach places a strong emphasis on children having the chance to experience exciting opportunities. We participate in British Science Week every year and are lucky to be welcoming the Royal Institute of Science into school later this year when they will be conducting a series of workshops with children, parents and the wider community.

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