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Hexham First School


Children are given opportunities to develop their creative potential through a variety of activities which encourage their visual awareness along with their mastery of various technical skills necessary to produce their own artwork. Whilst skills and techniques are taught specifically, art is integrated across the curriculum and is reflected in many subjects.

Each term we have a whole school arts week where the children focus on one of the key elements of art; this is usually linked to a well-known piece of work. They are encouraged to develop individuality and critical awareness.

While they are encouraged to express their own feelings, ideas and experiences they will also be involved in considering and evaluating the work of other artists, crafts-people and designers, from both their own and other cultures. In this way we hope to encourage our pupils to realise the importance and the impact of art and design in our everyday lives.

Our displays are focal points for valuing the children’s creative work, and for informing and sharing with the rest of the school community and its visitors our experiences and activities.

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