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Hexham First School

Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Vision for Hexham First

As a team we have put into words what the vision is for Hexham First School.  We all aim to:

Value each other and our environment, embracing our differences and celebrating individuality.

Work together with our wider community to be a ‘force for good’ in Hexham and the Tyne Valley.

Provide an inspiring and challenging curriculum to ensure that children are the best they can be.

Equip every child with life experiences that broaden their horizons.

Create a nurturing and supportive environment where ‘kindness is the norm’.

Our Motto

Happy, healthy and aiming high.  

Our Values

At Hexham First School we promote our core values which underpin how we learn in school.  We believe in respect, kindness, honesty, equality and happiness.  

British Values

As a school we actively promote the fundamental British values of:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

At Hexham First School these values are reinforced.

We celebrate Local, National and Global Celebrations and Events

We support events such as Remembrance Day, Olympics, St George’s Day, Diwali and Chinese New Year.  

We have excellent relationships with our local churches which enhances opportunities including an Christmas service at Hexham Abbey and an Easter service at Hexham Trinity.  We hold an ‘open the book’ assembly once a fortnight in school from the local clergy.

As a school we provide children and our community with clear opportunities to make positive contributions through charitable events.  Some of these are direct opportunities to fundraise for worthwhile causes and other times we donate an amount of money from Hexham First School and ask for no further contributions from our families.  We work closely with our PTA and our ‘Parent Council’ to decide which charities to focus on each school year.

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